Draining fluid


Draining fluid

Code: 0739810120164

Appearance: Emulsion cream

Format: 200ml

PAO: 6 months


Product features

Fluid cream for draining and vasotonic. Contrasts the fluid retention, cellulite and heavy legs.

How to use

Apply fluid on areas of need with a brief massage until absorbed. We recommend using the Purple Natural scrub to promote tissue regeneration and the elimination of dead cells.

Composition (INCI NAME) and functional properties

Aqua, Isopropyl Myristate, C12-15 Alkylbenzoate, Camomilla recutita (matricaria) Flower Water, Dimethyl Sulfone, Polyglyceryl 4 Caprate, Cetyl Alcohol, Myristic Acid, Cetyl Palmitate, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Centella Asiatica Extract, Bioflavonoids, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Silica, Menthol, Gar- cinia Mangostana Fruit Extract, Aesculus Hippocastanum Extract, Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract, Melilotus Officinalis Extract, Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract, Diosmine, Mentha Piperita Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Tetrasodium EDTA, Parfum, Phenoxyethanol, Dehydroacetic Acid (and) Benzyl Alcohol.

Centella Asiatica extract Vasotonic, Anti-edema, Draining
Aesculus Hippocastanus extract Vasoprotective, Decongestant
Ruscus Aculeatus extract Vasoprotective, Anti-edema
Melilotus Officinalis extract Vasotonic, Anti-edema
Vitis Vinifera Seed extract Antioxidant, Vasoprotective
Mentolo extract Refreshing, Decongestant
Vitamin E Antioxidant
Garcinia Mangostana Antioxidant, Skin conditioning
Lavender Antiseptic, Healing
Bioflavonoids Antioxidant