Purple Natural Ltd is a young and dinamic reality that was born with the purpose of formulating, producing and distributing professional cosmetics for skin care, combining research and use of raw and high quality materials, in order to obtain functional cosmetic requirements of health and beauty of the skin.


Purple Natural undertook a production philosophy which aims to focus its efforts and resources in the design of high quality cosmetics, rich in active ingredients and highly functional, taking care of seeking the most appropriate responses to customer needs.


Nature and Science are the “ingredients” chosen by our company to help maintain the health of our skin. Purple Natural Laboratories, after careful scientific study, carried out a cosmetic line of high quality, characterized by the unique properties of Garcinia Mangostana. Its peculiarities embrace the philosophy of Purple Natural, which is committed to preserve them unchanged in their productions, developing daily new unique and innovative products. .


We formulated our products to work from a single active cornerstone principle of plant origin: The Mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana), a completely natural antioxidant cell regeneration that is at the top of the ORAC tables – Oxygen Radicals' Absorbance Capacity with an oxygen radicals absorption capacity equal to 25,000 ORAC.

Why Purple Natural?

For the innovative cosmetic designed and formulated, with proven scientific characteristics, without allergens to be declared, without mineral oils, without added paraben.

Because already some bloggers, after testing our product line, are spreading through the internet, social network, the particular features of this unique product in Italy.

Purple Natural doesn't require minimum orders, because it’s our opinion that it shouldn't be the company to impose a purchase, but it should be the user that, satisfied with the product, decided to invest their money.

Purple Natural doesn't impose exclusivity contracts. The operator who decides to use our line must be satisfied of the quality and efficiency of our products, and not bound by bureaucratic loopholes often imposed.